Thursday, April 24, 2014

Salesforce: Add button in Opportunity Team not Visible

Background: Marketing user need to be added into Opportunity Team for particular Opportunity, so they can be added to Opportunity Split.

Issue: Add button is not visible in Opportunity Team related list for the user.

Finding: Marketing user able to read opportunity based on Sharing rule configured in Opportunity or Manual Sharing. But their role hierarchy is not above Sales who owned Opportunity.

Based on Salesforce documentation Adding Members to an Opportunity Team, user need to have permission:
- Read access on users and opportunities
- Owner of opportunity record, or above owner in your organization's role hierarchy

Sales or Sales manager or Sales Ops to add Marketing user to Opportunity Team, there is no way to make Add button visible in Opportunity Team for Marketing to add themselves, because they are not above Opportunity owner in role hierarchy.

Few facts for Account Team:
  1. To add user into Account Team, user need to have "Read/Write" access to the Account. User with Read-Only access will able to see the button, but will not able to add user into Account Team.
  2. User with "Read/Write" access to the Account (not above Account owner in role hierarchy) will NOT able to delete user from Account Team (just add)
  3. Adding Opportunity Access in Account Team will NOT add user in Opportunity Team.

Few facts for Opportunity Team:
  1. Add button in Opportunity Team will only visible for the opportunity owner or user above opportunity owner in role hierarchy.
  2. To add user into Opportunity Split, user have to be Opportunity Team member.