Sunday, May 21, 2017

Salesforce: Report use in Dashboard

When you are doing reports clean-up, you may not be able to delete reports that are used as the data source for the dashboard.

So, we need to find out the report is used by which dashboard:
1. Create a new custom report type with primary object "Reports"
2. Report type label: "Reports with Dashboard information"
3. Store in Category "Administrative Reports"
4. Click relate to another object
5. Select "Dashboard Components"

6. Save

Now create a new report using above report type created, I would like to add following fields in the report:
- Report Name
- Report Unique Name
- Report ID
- Dashboard: Title
- Dashboard Column
- Dashboard Component ID

ReferenceHow to identify reports attached to dashboards?

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Salesforce Lightning: News in Lightning Components

I thought News component is standard and available to use in Lightning App Builder, but when I see following screenshot taken from "Home" page in an org., the same for Account page too.

As of this document The News Component, News component is available from Group to Unlimited Editions, but why it is not available?

Root cause: this is because News have not enabled for that org. Follow this steps to enable it:
- Navigate to Setup | Feature SettingsAccount Settings
- Tick Enable News
- Click Save

Now, back to Lightning App Builder for Home page, and notice the News component now available to use.

Let's see what is News component offered and where it exist:
This component will get instant access to relevant, timely news about customers, partners, and competitors. The News component includes articles and Twitter posts, and is available on accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, and the Home page. It provides relevant, timely news items that help you stay up-to-date with the companies, people, and industries you work with. News is available from US news sources in English.