Monday, October 19, 2020

Salesforce: Currency converted fields in Report

This is only applicable for org. has Multiple Currencies enabled.

Converted fields available in the reporting: 

  • for all currency fields, including formula field that return in currency type.
  • for both standard and custom report type

The converted fields only available in the reporting, but not in the page layout as extra fields, and also not in API access.

When creating a report, the default converted currency fields are based on the user's personal currency, this can be changed by editing the report and select a different currency, users run the report will see in the selected currency when the report saved. This is applicable in both Classic and Lightning environments.

You can use the currency fields as a bucket, but it would be in the original record currency, and cannot use the converted fields for a bucket in the report.

The workaround is to use Row-Level formula, then bucket with Row-Level formula field, e.g.


If the above report show is shown in EUR, so the 10000 defined in the Row-Level formula would be in EUR 10,000. 



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