Sunday, June 30, 2019

Salesforce: Forecast attainment report

Forecast is always a big part in CRM, and of course, it is available in Salesforce. Forecast has been gone through 3 types in Salesforce, with the current Forecast called "Collaborative Forecast", even you will see it just as "Forecast" in the setup menu, tab, and label.

We have discussed collaborative forecast many times in this blog, and today will discuss Forecast attainment report. But, here are blogs related to collaborative forecast:

Some of the above blogs probably not updated, particularly since the Lightning experience, e.g. to set user quota, there is a setup menu in Lightning called "Forecasts Quotas", this menu is not visible in Classic setup menu, but of course, you can still use Data Loader to load user quotas.

Here is the step to create a quota attainment report:

Create Custom Report Type
1. For Primary Object, select Forecasting Quotas
2. For Report Type Label, enter Forecasting Details
3. Add description, such as "Forecast Items and Quota"
4. Store in Forecast category
5. Select Deployed and Next
6. Click to relate another object, select object Forecasting Items
7. Select "A records may or may not have related B records"
8. Click Save

Add Quota from the Setup menu
1. Make sure you are in Lightning and "Show quotas" has been enabled in Forecasts Settings.
2. Navigate to the setup menu and search for Forecasts Quotas.

3. Select a forecast period and forecast type, then click "Show Quotas".
4. Search by username or roles; then enter the Quota and Currency for each user within the selected period.

Let us see a sample of Forecast with some adjustment made by the manager and the user.

As you see there are a few manual adjustments marked with orange triangles.

Quota Attainment Report
Now, let us create a quota attainment report using report type created above in this blog.

- Maria Jones quota for Q2-2019 is USD 80,000.00 -- this is "Quota Amount"
- Maria Jones closed won opportunity for Q2-2019 is USD 30,000 -- this is "Forecast Amount"
- There is an adjustment of USD 5,000.00 made by Maria Jones's manager for Q2-2019 for Booked category

- Mars Rover quota for Q2-2019 is USD 100,000.00 (Quota Amount)
- He has closed won opportunity USD 150,000.00 (Forecast Amount) which is 50% over his target
- There is an adjustment of USD 7,000.00 made by Mars Rover himself for Q2-2019 for Booked category

Reference: Trailhead module Create Forecasting Reports

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