Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Salesforce: Using Macro

Macro is another productive tool for Salesforce users when working with repetitive tasks, such as send an email with the same content, create a task and etc. It works for both Console or Standard Lightning app but on Desktop only. Here is the step to enable and set up macros in Lightning. 

Enable share and organize macros in folders

Go to the setup menu and enable "Share and organize macros in folders" in Macro Settings.

Go to Setup | Object Manager | Macro | Page Layout. Edit it, and add the "Folder" field on the layout

Go to Macros tab (not in setup)

  • Create folder
  • Share the folder to Users, Roles, or Public Groups


  • To view macros: Read on macros object
  • To create and edit macros: Create AND Edit on macros object
  • To run irreversible macros: "Manage Macros Users Can't Undo" permission

Utility Bar

  • Make sure the user profile has been enabled for the app
  • Add Macros in the Utility Item

Create Macro

  • Open a record of an object, such as Case, Lead, Contact, etc.
  • Click + icon or "Create Macro" button
  • Enter Name, Description, Apply To, and Folder then Save
  • Click Edit Instructions to open Macro Builder
  • On canvas, select an action such as Log a Call, Send Email, etc.
  • Click Save when done

    * Optionally, you can leave the Submit button, so the user can manually save the task populated.

Run Macro

  • Open a record
  • Click Macros in Utility Bar
  • Select a macro
  • Click "Run Macro", the Description when we entered when creating macro will be shown here.

    For governance, your user should not see the "Edit" link in nabove screenshot.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Einstein Analytics is now Tableau CRM (Spring '21 release)

In Spring '21 release, it is official that Einstein Analytics is now Tableau CRM.

Analytics Studio in Spring '21 release

Analytics Studio in Winter '21 release

As usual, in every release, there will be a lot of features introduce (including Pilot and Beta release). I will highlight a few features more interesting for me.

No love for Dataflow

Sorry dataflow fans, no new features in the dataflow in Spring '21 release. Since the previous release, the team has been concentrated on the new Data Prep. However, since Data Prep is not working well for me yet, I will stick with dataflow, until Data Prep support:

  • SAQL
  • Retrieve data from Salesforce directly (for not sync org.)

Reusable Components (Generally Available)

Reusable Components introduced in Winter '21 release as Pilot, now available as GA in Spring '21 release. With this, dashboard builder can easily reuse the same charts, tables, filters, text, and more in multiple dashboards.

Here a few more feature of the component widget:
  • Reusable Components also support multi-pages, so you can use a link widget to open a specific page of the component. 
  • You also can "refresh" and edit components from the dashboard.
  • You also can set to allow filtering and faceting between dashboard widget with widgets in the component.  

Custom Tooltips Number Widget

Instead of adding a simple tooltip, the Spring '21 release offers a full-blown feature in the number tooltip, however, users may not know that hover over the number widget will show more insight.

Notifications and Subscribe from Embedded Dashboards

This is pretty slick to let users ability to set notifications and subscribe to a widget in the dashboard embedded in a Lightning page.


Monday, December 14, 2020

Salesforce: Dynamic Actions

Buttons on the Lightning page are set in the Classic page layout under the "Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions" section.

Since Summer ’20 release, Salesforce introduce Dynamic Actions, with this, you can configure buttons on your record page directly within the Lightning App Builder, and will not depends on the (classic) page layout anymore.

Dynamic actions can be enabled for each Lightning Page, not the whole Lightning Page, so you can take time just to enable the ones needed.

From the Lightning App Builder, click Highlights Panel at the top, then click the "Upgrade Now" button.

Once enabled, you cannot disable it back, unless you create the new Lightning Page for that object, or delete and add a new Highlights Panel component.

After clicking "Upgrade Now", you will be presented with options to Migrate or Start from Scratch. 

Once this is done, any changes on the button in the "Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions" page layout and compact layout will not impact to buttons on the Lightning page.

With Dynamic Actions enabled, you can set the action/button visibility based on criteria of the record fields, login user, or devices.

Reference: Learn MOAR: Try Dynamic Actions in App Builder with the Summer ’20 Release

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Salesforce: Search Result Layout by Profile

Recently I encountered that not all Salesforce admin aware that we can customize search result layout -- here means the fields in the search result. Particularly for admin that still use Classic when working in the setup menu, with the reason such as Classic much faster, or no difference in terms of setup in Classic and Lightning. 

So, if you still using Classic in setup, be aware of this, Search Result Layout by Profile is just one of the samples, you will not see "Search Layouts" which only visible in Lightning.

Compare to what you will see in the Classic setup menu

Note: Search Filter Fields in Classic setup no longer applicable in Lightning, because users can filter any fields display on the result.

However for the search result, even there is no Search Layout setup menu in Classic, users will see the same fields in the search result in Classic as the search result in Lightning. 
Below screenshots are taken from the same user with the profile of the search layout configured in Lightning. 

in Classic

in Lightning


Thursday, December 10, 2020

Einstein Analytics: Alignment on Date Widget in Filter

We can use a Date widget easily as a dashboard filter, the display would be perfect to put next to the List widget. 

Until you set the layout properties with Row Height = Fine, which will change the Vertical spacing to 0. The widgets now become too thin.

As per normal, we will try to extend the height by 1 pixel for all widgets used as filters. The list widget looks just fine, but not for the Date widget, it does not look good at all, the label font size is too big, and the value not visible at all.

Solution: change the Date widget to the Filter widget

The filter will work perfectly fine, you can set some color in the filter style for a better design, and you also can set the Initial Values in the Filter widget, as in the List or Date widget.

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Salesforce: Case Assignment Rules not working

Case Assignment Rules have been available in Salesforce for many years, admin can easily configure the case ownership when a case created. 

However, in some scenario, the rules do not work, here a few scenarios:

The rule is Active
Only one assignment rule can be activated in one org., so make sure the correct rule is active.

Notes: In a very rare event, the rule can be just 'hang', even there is an active rule, but the system detects there is no active rule. You can just simply deactivate and re-activate the rule.
With "Show on edit page"
- In Lightning - you will not see "Assign using active assignment rule" check box 
- In Classic - Error: There is no active case assignment rule

Correct Rule Entries
Make sure the criteria are correct and put in the right order, once a rule is matched, the system will not go further to check for other rules below in the order.

Case Page Layout Properties
Many admins missed this one. To force Case assignment rules, select Default under Case Assignment Checkbox and unselect 'Show on edit page'. This means end-users won’t see any option to turn off case assignment rule when creating and editing a case.

If both 'Show on edit page' and Default options are chosen, the assignment checkbox is displayed and is checked by default. The default setting will force the assignment rule to run unless the user manually deselects the checkbox.

Cases created through Email-to-Case
For cases created through Email-to-Case, the assignment rule will not fire because the 'Case Owner' field on 'Routing Address' under Email-to-Case has User or Queue selected and this will override the Default Case Owner field that's specified on the Support Settings page and in the assignment rule.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Learn new skills with Salesforce Trailblazers Community!





Salesforceは、サービスとしてのソフトウェア(SaaS)のパイオニアであり、Marc Benioff、Parker Harris、および1999年にサンフランシスコの小さなアパートで数人の創設者によって開始されました。SalesCloudから始まり、今でも最も人気のあるSalesforce製品です。今。

Salesforceが過去何年にもわたって最高の顧客関係管理(CRM)アプリケーションであり、マーケットリーダーであることは間違いありません。 Salesforceでは、ハードウェア、オペレーティングシステム、ハードウェア、データベース、バックアップ、セキュリティなどを購入する代わりに、従来のソフトウェアのように、インフラストラクチャなどを気にすることなく、ビジネスプロセスに集中することができます。

Salesforceはクラウド上にあるため、いつでも、どこからでも、どのデバイスからでもアクセスできます。 Salesforceは最初からプラットフォームを「クリック・ノット・コード」として宣伝しており、管理者は検証ルール、フィールドフィルター基準、ワークフロールール、割り当てルール、ページレイアウト、プロセスビルダー、フローなどのコードなしでプラットフォームを構築できます。 。

タイムラインに沿って、SalesforceはService Cloud、Marketing Cloud、ExperienceCloudなどからますます多くの製品を導入しています。



もちろん、製品としてのSalesforceプラットフォームは素晴らしいですが、Salesforceを他のベンダーと比較して優れている点がもう1つあります。それは、Trailblazersと呼ばれるコミュニティです。 https://trailblazers.salesforce.comから、世界中の何百万ものTrailblazerと接続できます。また、Salesforce製品に関連するものについては、Answersから質問したり、特定の製品や機能に向けたコラボレーションから質問したりすることもできます。

Salesforceで何かを設定するのに行き詰まったり、期待どおりに機能しない場合は、Trailblazersコミュニティに質問を投稿すると、数分で無料で回答を得ることができます。 Steve Molisのような人々は(現在)86K以上の回答にSalesforceから支払われていません、私は8K近くの回答に回答しました、そして世界中のより多くの先駆者が同じことをします、私たち全員が助けるための考え方であなたの質問に答えますあなたは無料であなたの問題を修正します、なぜ私たちはそれをしているのですか?











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