Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Salesforce: Compact Layout

Compact layouts are used to display a record’s key fields at a glance in Salesforce1 app. Using compact layouts, we can indicate which fields should appear in a record’s highlights area. These layouts were designed with touchscreen mobile devices in mind, where space is limited and users need to find important information quickly.

We can include up to ten fields, but only four of those will appear in the record highlights on a mobile device. The 1st field will be show as title at the top of the page in a larger font than the rest of the page, the 2nd-4th fields will be show under the first field separate with dot.

Sample of Compact Layout setup for a custom object called Kota

This is how it looks like in Salesforce1 app.

Instead of the record name, since we put Type 1 as first field, so Type 1 will be the title.

Few notes for Compact Layout:
  • Each record type can have only one compact layout assigned to it. However, a compact layout can be associated with multiple record types, no assignment by Profile in the Compact layout.
  • Users who don’t have access to certain fields in Salesforce won’t see them on the compact layout.
  • A compact layout must contain at least one field.
  • A compact layout can only contain fields from its object. This can include a formula field that is a cross-object reference to another object.
  • Removing a field from a page layout doesn’t remove it from the object’s compact layout. The two layout types are independent.
  • In the full Salesforce site, compact layouts determine which fields appear in the Chatter feed item that appears after a user creates a record with a publisher action, this will not happen when user create the record from Salesforce website, or even from Salesforce1 app with New button. This also doesn't related to Feed Tracking.


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Convert Lead in Salesforce1 app

As of Summer '15 release, Salesforce introduce ability to Convert Lead in Salesforce1 mobile app. If you are admin, you can enable it from: Setup - Customize - Leads - Settings, and check Enable Conversions on the Salesforce1 App.

When this is enabled, in Lead detail page in Salesforce1 app, notice a new icon "Convert".

A few items to note when convert Lead using Salesforce1 mobile app and the difference with full website:

If the Company name is match or partially match to existing Account Name, it will show in the Convert Lead page, otherwise Account name in Lead conversion page will be blank. You have option to choose an existing Account or create a new Account.

To select existing Account, tap magnifying glass icon in Account Name and search by account name.

To create a new Account, tap the magnifying glass icon in Account Name, then click New button and enter Account information. Once save, it will bring you back to Lead conversion page and the new Account created should be populated.



screenshot from website:

Follow-up Task


Monday, June 8, 2015

Salesforce: Logo for Branding

There are a few logo you can define in Salesforce for your corporate branding. Here is area where you can define your corporate logo and image characteristics needed.

Apps Logo
Instead of showing Salesforce logo with release logo, if you create custom app, you can define your own company logo.

This is the logo your user will see at top left within Salesforce web application, when they select an app from top right corner (if user have access to multiple app).

  • You have to upload the image into Document and make sure "Externally Available Image" is selected
  • The image size must be less than 20 KB, otherwise it will be not shown as available logo
  • Preferred image in transparent background in PNG or GIF format
  • Image larger than 300 x 55 pixels will be scaled to fit

Salesforce1 app
When user open Salesforce1 app from mobile device, as admin, we can define logo on the loading page.
  • You do not need to upload the image into Document, but Salesforce will auto store the image into Document folder named "Salesforce1 Branding Resources"
  • The image size must be less than 200 KB
  • You can define background color
  • Maximum image size 400 x 560 pixels 

Chatter Email
When user receive Chatter notification email, as admin, we can define the footer logo, sender name, sender email address and footer text. For logo:
  • You have to upload the image into Document and make sure "Externally Available Image" is selected
  • Preferred image in transparent background in PNG or GIF format
  • Image less than 150 x 50 pixels 

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