Monday, December 12, 2022

Salesforce: Using Formula Field

The formula field is one of the best features of the Salesforce platform for admin (and developer). Despite the limitation and restrictions, it still serves a lot of benefits. 

Some restrictions:

  • You can’t use long text area, encrypted, or description fields in formulas.
  • The value of a field can’t depend on another formula that references it.
  • You can’t delete fields referenced in formulas. Remove the field from the formula before deleting it.

But, where the formula field can and cannot be used?

Page Layout - Yes, including dynamic form, search layout, and compact layout. But the formula field is not searchable.

Report - Yes, including use as a filter

List View - Yes, including use as a filter

Validation Rule - Yes, except that you can't set the error message location at a formula field

Approval Process - Yes

Sharing Rule - No, the criteria based sharing rule does not support by formula field, you can vote on the idea here, here, and here; here is the original idea but has been marked as partially delivered although the item delivered has nothing to do with sharing rule.

Email TemplateYes


SOQL - Yes

If there are other places we can or cannot use formula fields, feels free to comment below this blog. 


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