Monday, August 14, 2023

Salesforce: Report Inline Editing Limitation and Issue

Report Inline Editing is a great feature where users are able to edit the data (multi fields and multi rows) easily via report. The same thing can be done via list view, but more flexible than list view:

  • Not all users able to create/edit public list view
  • Need to add record type as a filter in list view if the object has multiple record type
  • List view inline editing does not support controlling or dependent picklists

So, the report is a perfect option to cover the above issues. Report inline editing also honors the user has the right permissions to edit the data, only when these conditions are met for Object Permissions, Field Level Security, and Page Layout.

  • Users have edit access to the associated object.
  • Users have edit access to the associated field.
  • The associated field is included and editable in the page layout assigned to the user profile.

However, not all fields are supported by report inline editing, e.g. Opportunity Amount, for complete reference, check out this article Updating Multiple Fields Inline on the Report Run Page in Lightning Experience.

As always, nothing is perfect in this world and Salesforce's great community has put some ideas to make this feature better:


There is a minor issue related to data validation, e.g. you add a validation rule to maintain a business rule, however, if the system is unable to edit the record because of that rule, the system does not show clearly what is the cause of the error.

Another issue related to this Report Inline Editing: Dependent Field Requirement Should Match Record Pages (90 points), in summary, if the dependent field is marked as mandatory in page layout, however, no values of the dependent field are assigned to a value in the controlling field, inline report editing still requires the user to select a value, although no value is available in the dropdown too.


Salesforce field deletion

In a blog written many years back Delete Custom Field, we shared items that will block and allow for field deletion.

Undelete field in Salesforce is also very simple, it will restore the field with data, but the admin need to note and perform a few actions as mentioned here:

Fields deleted with the data will be stayed in the "recycle bin" for 15 days before it will be hard deleted by Salesforce.

A few items to note when the fields are in the recycle bin:

  • You can see and open field detail from the object "Fields & Relationships" menu then click the "Deleted Fields" button
  • The field API name will be changed with an additional _del, such as Test_Date__c --> Test_Date_del__c
  • You can no longer query the field
  • The field metadata will no longer exist

To check who and when delete the custom field is deleted, check the "View Setup Audit Trail", the action should start with "Deleted custom field " 


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