Sunday, May 17, 2015

Salesforce MVP Summit 2015

The third Salesforce MVP Summit is held on 13-14 May 2015. I am very lucky and honored able to attend this Summit and meet with all smart and awesome people around Salesforce technology. This is my second Summit after being awarded as Salesforce MVP last year. The event is held in a luxury hotel in the beautiful city of San Francisco.

We are scheduled with 2 days fully packed agenda from 7.15 AM to 9.00 PM (breakfast to dinner).

Salesforce never stop amaze me with the welcome gift, snacks and day-by-day goodies.

The summit start with kick-off by Erica Kuhl and Holly Goldin, continue with Strength Finder workshop.

As MVP, all of us signed NDA, which mean we are not allowed to share all information presented in the Summit, this mean I can't share it in this blog.

To add more surprise in this Summit, for the first time Salesforce Chairman & CEO Marc Benioff made an appearance in MVP Summit. Marc and Parker Harris (Salesforce Co-Founder) graciously sit for over an hour for Q&A with us, furthermore Alex Dayon (President, Products) also in the room.

Thanks Salesforce to held this event, it was a great moment to meet and speak with all people passionate with Salesforce technology, 140+ MVP from 10 countries.

After a full pack of inspirations, I am heading to my company US Regional Head Office in Arizona for the first time, and this is what I found along the road...

Twitter hash-tag: #MVPSummit2015

Throwback: Salesforce MVP Summit 2014

Blog from other MVP and Partner:

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Salesforce: Subtab App in Profile Page

If you happen to see having extra tabs in your Salesforce Chatter People page, in additional of the default tab: Profile Feed, Profile Overview, and Recognition, it may be added unintentionally (from Web Tabs or Visualforce Tabs) or added when you install a product from AppExchange without realizing it.

Here are the steps to remove them:
- Go to Setup | Create | Apps
- Scroll down and look for Subtab Apps
- You should see App Labels as Profile (Self) and Profiles (Others)

Profile (Others) - The tabs displayed when users view someone else's profile
Profile (Self) - The tabs displayed when users view their own profile

So, if we add 1 subtab added in Profile (Self)

This is how it looks when the user view their own profile

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Salesforce: Update User Manager

Manager field in User object in Salesforce is pretty special, it can be used as approver when a user submit for approval. But, when user go to their Advanced User Details, from click User Name | My Settings | PersonalAdvanced User Details, when user click Edit button Manager field is read-only.

After finding more on this field, only user with Manage Users and Manage Internal Users permission allowed to update this field. The reason behind, if users could modify this field, the concern is that they might update their manager to a friend who would approve time off request or expense charge.

In our case, for some reason and our Salesforce system is not linked to HR system, so user need to update their manager field manually for a time-period, before it locked.


1. Custom "Hierarchical Relationship" field + Workflow + Field Update
Fail, this is because Field Update on Manager do not allow to dynamically update the value from other field, only to a defined user.

2. Custom "Hierarchical Relationship" field + Process Builder + Update Records

SuccessHow this works?
1. Create a new Hierarchical Relationship custom field name "Report To" in User object
2. Make this field available in User page layout and not read-only
3. User update their own Manager through this field from Advanced User Details
4. Process Builder will update standard Manager field from "Report To"

Last message, do not forget to activate the Process :)

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Salesforce: New Task Action Layout in Salesforce1 app

Recently, we confuse when New Task layout for Action is different with the one we define in the Salesforce setup menu - Setup | CreateGlobal Actions | Actions, click Layout link in New Task.

Here is our New Task layout for Action:

If we check from Chatter Feed action, the layout is correct:

Then we continue to verify in one/ simulator, and it is also correct there :

But, when test from Salesforce1 app in mobile device (iOS or Android), the layout order is different. Although all the fields defined is still there, but Subject will always at top, continue with Details and etc, even Subject is not defined at top in the action layout. Here how it looks:

Caused and Solution
Finally, we found it caused by a checkbox in Setup | Customize | ActivitiesActivity Settings, there is an option of Show simpler New Task form in Salesforce1. If this option is enabled, you will see New Task in Salesforce1 app in mobile devices as above.

You can simply deactivate it and the layout will be back as defined in the action layout.

ReferenceCreating Tasks using the Salesforce1 app

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