Sunday, May 14, 2023

CRM Analytics: Multivalue field

We shared a blog about working with multivalue fields almost two years ago with dataflow, where we read the multivalue field as a text field and used the computeExpression node to create a multivalue field. 

In this blog, we have something similar, except the source field is a text field separated by comma.

Here is the sample data in Salesforce:

The need: to have a list widget in CRM Analytics, so the user is able to filter the dashboard by Segment, where it should be a single, from the above screenshot: AA, GB, MM, SMB. So, if the user selects SMB, this will filter the data to ABT Inc, Adams335 Inc, and Adams991 Inc.

Solution: we can use dataflow as explained in the previous blog, or make use of the recipe as below screenshot: 

We can make use of both original and newly created fields from the recipe in the dashboard, use the text field in the table, and the multivalue field in the list widget:

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Salesforce: Dynamic Forms controlling Field Type

One of the benefits of using the dynamic form is the ability to show and hide fields live based on 

  • Record field value selected or entered
  • User, e.g., profile, time zone, custom field, etc.
  • Parent record fields

But, not all field types can be used as a controlling field, as per the Summer '23 release, here is the list of field types that can be used: 

  • Auto Number
  • Checkbox
  • Currency
  • Email
  • Formula (Number) 
  • Formula (Text)
  • Number
  • Percent
  • Phone
  • Picklist
  • Text
  • URL

The following types are not supported as a controller field:
  • Date
  • Date/Time
  • Lookup
  • Picklist (Multi-Select)
  • Rich Text Area
  • Text Area

You also can set filter logic (AND, OR) if there are multiple filters.

CRM Analytics: Adding existing widget to different layouts

Background: We have a CRM Analytics dashboard with default (web) and mobile layout. As the business grows and changes, we need to add more widgets to the dashboard.

Adding widgets to a dashboard is easy by dragging and dropping the new widget into the canvas. But, doing the same activities two times on web and mobile layout is not fun.

So, here is the step to "copy" the widget from one to another layout:

1. Edit the dashboard

2. Find the ID of new widgets in the source layout

Note down the widget ID.

3. Open the target layout

Look for the widget Id in "Unused Widgets", and drag it to the canvas of the new layout. If you do not see this, click the gear icon (Dashboard Properties) at the upper right of the screen.

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