Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Salesforce: Dynamic Related List

We discussed dynamic form here and here, dynamic actions here, and this blog will continue with Dynamic Related List. 

So, what is the dynamic-related list? The dynamic related lists allow you to choose the list’s fields and sort order, apply filters, specify the component label, and configure actions for the related list, without dependency on page layout. 

To set up a dynamic related list, add the Related List - Single component, then upgrade it to Dynamic Related List - Single. 

Click the "Upgrade Now" button to upgrade it to Dynamic Related List - Single

** As per the Winter '24 release, you can simply drag Dynamic Related List - Single, no need to upgrade from Related List - Single component.

Limitation/issue as of Summer '22 release:

  • If you have the Related List Quick Links component, the Related List - Single / Dynamic Related List - Single component will not be available in the Related List Quick Links component
  • Dynamic Related List - Single component will show only up to 10 records and does not have "View All", vote for this idea (by now, the idea has been delivered).
  • To use Related List - Single, the related list must be added to the current page layout.
  • Dynamic Related List - Single does not support all objects; please vote on this idea Dynamic Related List - Single to support all objects

  • Because it is an independent component, you can have many Dynamic Related List - Single components, such as one component showing Open Cases and another one showing Cases closed in the last 30 days. 


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