Thursday, January 7, 2021

Salesforce: Export Query Result from Developer Console

In case you have no access to the workbench, can we download the query result from the Developer Console?

Build a Query in Developer Console

Open Developer Console, File > Open > Objects > select an object > click Open (or double click the object name). 

Select the fields by hold the Ctrl key (and Shift key) for Windows users, then hit the Query button, Id field will be auto-added.

Click the Execute button, developer console will open a tab with the query result.

Export query result to Excel file

This is tested in Chrome and chromium-based web engines (such as Edge and Opera), so not sure for Firefox and Safari.

Right-click on the query result and select Inspect.

Look for the table tag, then do "Copy element".

Open Excel and Paste to get the result.


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