Sunday, November 4, 2012

Inline Editing in Salesforce List View

Salesforce allow users to edit data directly in the record page payout, but your System Administrator need to enable inline editing, all fields can be edit with inline editing except for read-only and system fields. Editable fields display a pencil icon (Editable Field) when you hover your mouse over the field, while non-editable fields display a lock icon (Uneditable Field), double the field edit it, you can edit multiple fields before hit Save button, fields has been changed but haven't save will be show in orange color and bold. 

On top of inline editing in page layout, user also can do inline editing in the List View without any effort to write any code. Many system administrators may not aware of this feature and sometimes it will not work because of some conditions needed are not fit.

Hover mouse to editable field will show pencil icon

You can use it in picklist field as well

Edit date field for multiple record at once

Here are the items need to check for inline editing in page view:

1. Enable Inline Editing and Enhanced Lists

Go to Setup - Customize - User Interface

2. Edit permission

Make sure you have edit permission to the records and object.

3. Check if any Record Type for that object?

If the object has multiple record type, you have to filter only showing one record type by adding filter criteria. So if you have 3 record type for Contact, you need to create 3 view. 

Note: you should not have more than 1 record type in the record type filter, otherwise inline editing in List View will not work.

If there is no record type for that object, you can skip this filtering.

4. Do not add Filter Logic

You are not allowed to use Filter Logic to enable inline editing in list view. 

5. Not for User object

As of now, this is not available for user object, please vote in IdeaExchange.

6. Edit multiple record at the same time

This feature is very nice if you need to edit many records to a same value. Select checkbox at the left of records and click pencil icon. Then select apply changes to all selected records.

7. Not for all fields
Some fields such as: Opportunity Amount, Stage, Forecast Category, Account Name in Opportunity is not working.

8. Not for user with Accessibility Mode enable

Make sure Accessibility Mode in user detail is disable.

9. Field Dependency

Field is not Controlling or Dependent field set in field dependency.

10. Page Layout
Make sure the field is available in a page layout, field not exist in page layout will be not work for list view inline editing.

ReferenceWhy can't I do inline editing in a List View?

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