Friday, February 1, 2013

Salesforce: batch upload Quota in Forecasts (Customizable)

For those using Customizable Forecast, admin can use Apex Data Loader to mass create or update it Quota field in  REVENUEFORECAST object.

Here fields you need to take care when create new quota: "OWNERID","CURRENCYISOCODE","QUOTA","STARTDATE"
  • OWNERID, this refer to quota for particular user (sales rep) on specific quarter.
  • CURRENCYISOCODE, the currency set for particular record (if you enable multi-currency in your org).
  • QUOTA, the amount of quota set for particular record.
  • STARTDATE, would be first date for corresponding quarter, example: 1/1/2013, 4/1/2013, 7/1/2013. But  my instances, I am not sure why, I have to put start date 1 quarter after the correct quarter, example: for Q1 2013, I need to put as 1/4/2013, after it created, it will show as 1/1/2013 in query. Anyone has this issue? - This has been resolved, it caused by Time Zone setting in Data Loader, see this blog.
  • CLOSED, this field is summary of won amount owned by a user in particular quarter, it is not updated-able.
For Update, it is the same as you update other object, you need to provide Id of Revenue Forecast. Revenue Forecast is not delete-able, you will get this error "entity type cannot be deleted" if you try to delete, usually I just set Quota to 0 and you can skip quota with amount equal to 0 in report.

To run report on quota, select "Customizable Forecasting: Forecast Summary" in report type, then it is  similar with any other Salesforce on the configuration.

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