Friday, May 3, 2013

Salesforce to Salesforce: manual accept and stop sharing

Continuing from previous blog about partner blog. A user said that we supposed not to accept everything send by our partner, it maybe 'junk' data. So... how? Easy, just set in Subscribed Object in Connections not to Auto-Accept.

How to Accept?
Go to object tab, example: Account tab (this will accept related child objects automatically, example: Contact, Opportunity). You should see "Accounts from Connections" in a related list and you can create new view as preferred.

User can manually accept each record. To note, there is NO "reject" link, so to reject an incoming record, you need to notify publisher to stop sharing.

How to know record being shared?
You can run a report or create a view with filter:
- Received Connection Name for record shared to us
- Sent Connection Name for record share to partner instance

How about if we do not want user able to stop sharing?

Remove 'External Sharing' related list. It is bad we cannot configure to hide the "Stop Sharing" link. But "Stop Sharing" link will show based on user permission.
The users that will see the link are:
1. Users with Modify all Permission
2. Users owning the record
3. Users above the record owner in the role hierchy

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