Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Salesforce1 User

For Salesforce Admin, when you create user, you may realize that I do not see Salesforce1 User field, but after save, in the user detail "Salesforce1 User" is automatically tick, and there is no way to set it untick by default.

Actually, what is purpose of checkbox "Salesforce1 User" ?
Many of us will think, if I untick the checkbox, that particular will not able to use Salesforce1 mobile app. But, the answer is NO.

So, what is this checkbox do?
It has nothing to do with user ability to use Salesforce1 mobile app. But if you aware of Salesforce1 Mobile Browser App, with this functionality turn on, if user using supported device in supported web browser, user will get Salesforce1 mobile app experience when the open from web browser, without have to install the app in your device.

For complete list of devices with the web browser supported, click this link Requirements for Using the Salesforce1 App. Below screenshot of Salesforce1 app with mobile browser.

For user with Salesforce1 User disable in the user detail, when they login using web browser in mobile device, example: Safari browser on latest iPhone or iPad, user will see normal, instead of Salesforce1 app user interface.

For admin who plan to turn off ALL users with Salesforce1 Mobile Browser App funtionality:
1. Navigate to Setup | Mobile Administration | Salesforce1 | Settings
2. Deselect Enable the Salesforce1 mobile browser app
3. Click Save

Once you deselect "Enable the Salesforce1 mobile browser app", option of Salesforce1 User in user detail will be removed.


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