Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Salesforce: Subtab App in Profile Page

If you happen to see having extra tabs in your Salesforce Chatter People page, in additional of the default tab: Profile Feed, Profile Overview, and Recognition, it may be added unintentionally (from Web Tabs or Visualforce Tabs) or added when you install a product from AppExchange without realizing it.

Here are the steps to remove them:
- Go to Setup | Create | Apps
- Scroll down and look for Subtab Apps
- You should see App Labels as Profile (Self) and Profiles (Others)

Profile (Others) - The tabs displayed when users view someone else's profile
Profile (Self) - The tabs displayed when users view their own profile

So, if we add 1 subtab added in Profile (Self)

This is how it looks when the user view their own profile

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