Thursday, June 18, 2015

Convert Lead in Salesforce1 app

As of Summer '15 release, Salesforce introduce ability to Convert Lead in Salesforce1 mobile app. If you are admin, you can enable it from: Setup - Customize - Leads - Settings, and check Enable Conversions on the Salesforce1 App.

When this is enabled, in Lead detail page in Salesforce1 app, notice a new icon "Convert".

A few items to note when convert Lead using Salesforce1 mobile app and the difference with full website:

If the Company name is match or partially match to existing Account Name, it will show in the Convert Lead page, otherwise Account name in Lead conversion page will be blank. You have option to choose an existing Account or create a new Account.

To select existing Account, tap magnifying glass icon in Account Name and search by account name.

To create a new Account, tap the magnifying glass icon in Account Name, then click New button and enter Account information. Once save, it will bring you back to Lead conversion page and the new Account created should be populated.



screenshot from website:

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