Monday, February 15, 2016

Salesforce for Outlook: Add Email

When Add Email and Side Panel is enabled in Outlook Configuration under Salesforce setup menu: Setup | Administer | Desktop Administration | Outlook Configurations. User will be able to add email open in Outlook to a Salesforce record: Account, Contact, Lead, etc from side panel.

User just need to click envelope with plus icon next to the record, for this sample I will use Account.

Once email added to Salesforce record, in Outlook:
  • Added to Salesforce text show below email subject, even the email have been closed, open the email will show the message.
  • Email added to record name in Salesforce for Outlook Side Panel

While, in Salesforce, a Task record created with fields populated:
  • Subject = Email:[email subject]
  • Comments = email body
  • Type = Email
  • Status = Completed
  • Task Due Date = the email sent/received date (see red arrow in image above)
  • Relate To / Name = depend on the record email added
  • Created Date & Last Modified Date = when email added to Salesforce

When user open the Account, scroll down to Activity History, you should find the email added as a closed Task.

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