Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Salesforce: I can't deactivate user

In Salesforce, you cannot delete user, but to deactivate user when user left company, or change role that do not need to access Salesforce anymore. By deactivate the user, the license will be released for other user. But in many cases, you cannot deactivate a user because the user is defined as:

- Default Lead Owner in Lead Settings
- Default Lead Creator in Web-to-Lead Settings
- Use in Lead Assignment Rules
- Web-to-Lead Auto-Response Rules

- Default Case Owner in Case Support Settings
- Automated Case User in Case Support Settings
- Use in Case Assignment Rules

- Default Workflow User in Workflow & Approvals Settings
- As new value in Workflow Field Update action
- As the only recipient in Workflow Email Alert

- Use as a value in Hierarchical Relationship lookup custom field in User object

Please note that when encountering the error, a link will be provided directly to the location in which the change can be made to remove the designation.

If the user is used as Dashboard running user, system will allowed to deactivate the user, but the dashboard will no longer work "Error: The running user for this dashboard is inactive. Your system administrator should select an active user for this dashboard."

NOTE: There is now the option to "Freeze" the user record. This will allow you to temporarily suspend a user account that requires more work to deactivate. See documentation below for freezing User accounts.

If you know any other areas that will stop user to be deactivated, please comment to this blog for me to add.


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