Friday, February 23, 2018

Salesforce: Setup Overlay Splits Forecast

This blog is only applicable for Collaborative Forecast, not the old Customizable Forecast.

For revenue split forecast, check out this Setup Forecast with Revenue Split. This blog will share on using Overlay Splits Forecast. To enable Overlay Splits Forecasts, here a few things need to perform:

1. Enable Opportunity Team Selling
Search Opportunity Team Settings and enable Team Selling. You can add the Opportunity Team related list to the page layout.

2. Enable Opportunity Splits
- Search for Opportunity Splits, then click Setting.
- Click "Set up Opportunity Splits" button
- By default "Revenue" and "Overlay" are active, no need to change anything here.
- Click Save button and Enable to confirm.
- You will get an email once Opportunity Splits are enabled.
- Add "Opportunity Splits" related list to the page layout.

3. Enable Forecast
- Search Forecasts Settings
- Select "Enable Forecast"
- Click link "+ Add another forecast type"
- Select "Opportunity Overlay Splits"
- Click OK button and Save button

4. Forecast Tab
Now in the forecast tab, click the gear icon, you should see an option for "Overlay Splits"

Once you have opportunity split by Overlay, you will see the number shown in Forecast when select Overlay Splits.

In Opportunity Related List

In Forecast Tab

ReferenceOverlay Splits Forecasts in Collaborative Forecasts

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