Thursday, February 8, 2018

Salesforce: Reporting on Relate Contact with Multiple Accounts

More than 1 year ago, we wrote a blog about Relating Contact with Multiple Accounts including the security model to add, edit and remove relationship.

In this blog, we'll share how to report Contacts relate to other Accounts, including if they are direct linkage, active, start date, and custom fields added under  Account Contact Relationships.

1. Create Custom Report Type
- From setup menu: search for Report Types by type in the Quick Find box.
- Click New Custom Report Type button
- Select Primary Object = Contacts, you can enter the Report Type Label, Description, and store it under a Category.
- Click Next button to continue

- In Step 2. Define Report Records Set, click relate to another object.
- Select Account Relationships

- Click Save

2. Create Report
- Type the report type name created in step 1 from Quick Find box
- Click Create button
- Here you will find Direct, Active fields under Account Relationship section at left panel
- Save the report and type a report name
- Run the report

For all contacts where Direct is not ticked, they are added from Relate Account relationship.

Here is the screenshot from one of Sean Lee (one of the contact) that not directly link to Ahui Jack account.

For those of you who more interested in the query using SOQL, here a sample:
SELECT Id, AccountId, ContactId, CreatedById, CreatedDate FROM AccountContactRelation WHERE IsDirect = False


  1. Can anyone speak about effort required to convert pre-existing reports from Account/Contact to this?

    1. check out this

      and this


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