Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Einstein Analytics: Multi-Select Picklist to Text

As per the Summer '18 release, Einstein Analytics is not really friendly with the Multi-Select Picklist field from Salesforce. One of the issues, when you have multi-values in a record, it will show only the 1st value when you show the data as Value Table in a Lense or Table widget in a Dashboard.

Service Type contains multi-values in Salesforce (screenshot from Report)

EA shows the 1st value only of Service Type

As per this document, we can customize JSON dataflow to treat multi-select values as text. Once, you have the dataflow built:
  • Download the JSON file
  • Edit the file and add ,"isMultiValue": false after the field name and save it (you should backup the original JSON file)
  • Upload back the edited JSON file to Dataflow

Here is the result the multi-select values show as text in Einstein Analytics

Note: if you do not update the JSON dataflow as above, the data will still flow into EA as a multi-values field, it will work if you use it as a List filter, and it filters all values (not just the 1st value) for the result, let's see a sample here.

all data

filter North America

filter EMEA

Summer '21 release introduces mv_to_string() function, this function returns an alphabetically sorted, delimited string representation of a multivalue field. But, you need to enable indexing of multivalue fields in Tableau CRM from the setup menu, also notice that 'Indexing multivalue fields can slow down dataflows", so watch your dataflow run once this is enabled. This feature still in Beta as per the Summer '21 release. 



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