Monday, January 8, 2024

Salesforce: Natural Language Search filter

Search is one of the most use functions in Salesforce; it allows users to search almost anything for data that a user can see, as long as it is configured correctly and not a formula field; check out this blog.

Additionally, Einstein Search also allows you to search using Natural Language Search for core standard objects: 

  • Account
  • Case
  • Contact
  • Lead
  • Opportunity
  • Task
Natural language search isn’t case-sensitive, and you can use singular or plural, such as account and accounts, which will return the same result; using "my" will return all records that you own, such as my account.

Before that, make sure that you enable "Actionable Instant Results" and "Natural Language Search" under Einstein Search Settings in the setup menu.

Note: Einstein Search is not available in Developer Edition, as per this article.

Here are a few search terms that are practical for your user:
  • my account
  • my open opportunity
  • my open opportunity created last week
  • my open task
Check out this article for complete samples.

Adding Natural Language Search filters
On the same settings page, you also can enable "Natural Language Search filters", check out this article for more information about the filter.

Here is the sample result, where you can change the filters. Notice that the system now shows the filters applied as drop-down, compared to the 1st screenshot, where it just shows a description of the filters "Owner Johan Yu • Object Account • Billing State/Province Ny • Office State/Province Ny | Sorted by Last Modified Date".


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