Thursday, June 27, 2013

Salesforce: Contact, Opportunity, Case Access

We discussed about Account sharing rule related to Contact, Opportunity and Case in previous blog.

Another area need to take note related to this is default Contact, Opportunity, Case Access setting in Role Hierarchy. Go to Setup - Manage Users - Roles and click any role, you will see Contact, Opportunity, Case Access related to Account.

So, how this work and what is the difference with Account OWD sharing rule related to Contact, Opportunity and Case ?

In Role Hierarchy setup, we define user visibility and edit permission to all Contact, Opportunity, and Case access related to Account. If a user in the role owned an Account, can he/she view or edit Contact, Opportunity, and Case tagged to the account? So, this is not related to access permission to records under role-subordinates.

While in Account sharing rule, although it is almost similar, but sharing rule in Account is beyond default access, it is to share account from a role/group to other role/groups, altogether or not, with Contact, Opportunity, Case related to Account.

Hope this explaining :)