Friday, June 7, 2013

Salesforce Search on Object and Chatter

In previous blog, we blog about searchable field types in Salesforce. Today we'll continue with more information on Search.

Salesforce will keeps track of which objects you use and how often you use them, and arranges the search results accordingly. Objects you use most frequent will appear at the top of the list. If you do not see the object, click Search All at link.

After you search something in Salesforce, you will see Options in search result page. From here, you can restrict search result only to records you owned.

Salesforce search is case-insensitive for the whole data.

Wildcards and Operators
You can use the * (asterisk) and ? (question mark) wildcards to refine results. Use * to match one or more characters, or ? to match a single character. For example, searching for bob jo* finds items with Bob Jones and Bob Johnson, and searching for jo?n finds items with john and joan. You can also use the AND, OR, AND NOT, ( ) (parentheses), and " " (quotation marks) operators to refine results.
Sample: johan AND (singapore OR Indonesia); please note: operator support is case-insensitive.

But, my search result still do not shown records from a custom object. Why? This is usually happened because administrator do not create tab for that object. That is why Salesforce search function will not search custom objects if the objects don't have tab. For more info related to this, read this blog Global Search Result on Custom Object.

Chatter Search
If your company have Chatter enabled, Global search also returns Chatter feed result. From above screenshot, click "Search Feeds" link. This results include all relevant public posts, including posts from people you are not following and from public groups you are not a member of. In other words, Global search return more feed information compare to if you search individual feed (Chatter home feed, record feed, group feed).

To search only from a particular feed, use the "Search in Feed" magnifying glass, if you type more than 1 word, it will search words appear together, as well as they appear separately.

Chatter Feed in Home tab

Feed in Chatter tab

Another way to search in Chatter by using Topic, it will show all post or comment tagged with the topic, even from people you are not following, or group you are not a member of.  You also can follow the topic, so when someone use that topic, it will appear in your feed.

Bookmark is another option to follow a post, so you can easily looks for post interested you from Chatter Bookmarked menu.


Last update: 14 Feb 2017

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