Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Salesforce: How to get Approval Process status

Out-out-the-box, has Approval Process featured with lock mechanism to lock record has been submitted for Approval, so user unable to change the record.

But, do not provide approval history by default. So, user cannot run a report to show which records has not approved or approved or rejected. Ideally, admin should configured field update actions to update a field with current status: pending, approved, rejected or recall.

I meet a situation where approval process has been setup and deployed for few months back, but later user  realize unable to run report on the approval status. How we can get the approval status for all opportunity has been submitted for approval? Is it possible, any workaround?

YES, as long as you are in Enterprise Edition or Unlimited Edition or Professional Edition with API enabled.

Here is the steps:
1. Run SOQL with query syntax Select p.TargetObjectId, p.Status from ProcessInstance p then  export into CSV or Excel file.

2. Export all Opportunity with Id into CSV or Excel file.

3. Open both files in Microsoft Excel as two worksheets, then use VLOOKUP() function in Microsoft Excel to get all Opportunity with approval Status from ProcessInstance object. Status should be: Pending, Approved, Rejected, Removed.

Good luck and hope this solution help.

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