Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Salesforce: Permission to edit User Quota

Background: Super user need to enter all Sales Rep quota for every quarter. As system admin, we can enter it manually in user detail page (if not too many sales rep), or using Data Loader if you have a lot of users need to update (see this blog). But, would it be nice if Sales Ops (read: Super User) able to manage Sales Rep quota by themselves?

Here is the solution, use Delegated Administration
Go to Setup - Security Controls - Delegated Administration
Create New button and enter a name for delegated group.

You can leave option to Login Access disable for security concern.
From here, select user allowed to update quota in Delegated Administrators
Then enter Sales Rep role in to be managed in User Administration
Done - you can left Assignable Profiles and Custom Object Administration as they are not used for this scenario.

To note, enabling delegated administration will give user ability to:
  • Creating and editing users and resetting passwords for users in specified roles and all subordinate roles, including setting quotas, creating default opportunity teams, and creating personal groups for those users. But, if you not add any Assignable Profiles, user cannot select any profile, and since profile is a mandatory field in user creation, user actually cannot create user, got it?
  • Unlocking users
  • Assigning users to specified profiles, this is again depend on Assignable Profiles given.
  • Logging in as a user who has granted login access to their administrator, this is depend if  Login Access enable for particular delegated group.
  • Managing custom objects created by an administrator, depend on object given in Custom Object Administration.

For more information, read this doc.

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