Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Salesforce: Convert Lead with Campaign Influence & Primary Campaign Source

In previous blog, we discussed about Primary Campaign Source in Opportunity relation with Campaign. In this blog, we are going to discuss from Lead conversion and relationship to Campaign and Opportunity.

Here is the scenario:
1. Create a new Lead

2. From Campaign History in Lead Related List, add GC Campaign, then add DM Campaign with both Status = Sent.

3. Edit GC Campaign Status to Responded

4. Convert Lead: create new Account, Contact and Opportunity

5. In Campaign, Lead change to Contact for both Campaign Members related list.

6. In Account, Contact added in Contacts related list, Opportunity added in Opportunities related list.

7. In Contact, both campaigns added into Campaign History related list, with Status and Responded bring over from Lead.

8. In Opportunity, campaign added in Campaign Influence related list with Contact Name, Primary Campaign Source = DM Campaign, this is because DM Campaign is latest campaign attached to the Lead, although it is not responded.

9. In DM Campaign, Opportunity created added in the Opportunities related list.

10. If user change Primary Campaign Source in Opportunity page layout from DC Campaign to GC Campaign, Opportunities in Campaign related list move to GC Campaign as well.

Campaign Influence
System Administrator can configure Campaign Influence from Setup - Customize - Campaigns - Campaign Influence, such that only Campaign within the last 120 days (see Specify Campaign Influence Time Frame) with rule Responded = True will be associated to Opportunities as Campaign Influence.

Primary Campaign Source
Primary Campaign Source in Opportunity is automatically refer to the last associated campaign on a lead prior to lead conversion OR the last associated campaign on a contact (if the contact was manually added to SFDC without being converted from a lead). See Member First Associated field in Campaign History related list in Contact or Lead.

screenshot from Contact / Lead

Opportunity maybe influenced by more than one campaign, if you enable Campaign Influence and the campaign fit into Time Frame and Rules, when you convert Lead, all Campaigns related to the Lead will be created as Campaign Influences in the Opportunity related list.

You also allowed to manually associate more influential campaigns to an opportunity, but only one campaign will be marked as Primary Campaign Source. Campaign manually added into Opportunity will not add back into Opportunity related list in Campaign. You can view influential campaigns from the Campaign Influence related list on the Opportunity detail page.

screenshot from Opportunity

Primary Campaign Source field at opportunity detail page designate the most influential campaign for that opportunity based on the data in Campaign Influence related list.

ReferenceWhat is Campaign Influence?

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