Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Salesforce: find email template associated to which email alerts

This blog in particular is about how to know which email template is associated to which email alerts.

Imagine if you have thousand of email templates created over years by users, how do you able to track if an email template is used in which email alerts of workflow?

Here are the steps on how to create a list view under email alerts:
  1. Click your name and click on Set Up.
  2. Under workflow and approvals click on Email Alerts
  3. On email alerts click on Create New View
  4. From the filters on the view, select Email Template Name field and type in the Email Template Name you would like to check, as your basis to filter.
  5. Click Save and you should be able to see all the email alerts associated with the email template.

More information on Salesforce on Managing Email Alerts and Creating Custom List Views


  1. Hi,
    Please help me.
    I have one field(Description), Is it possible to update the HTML code in the email template. so that it includes the first two lines of the Description field from the Case, followed by " ... [click Case link to view full description.]


    1. Hi Kumar, assume you already know which email template, click "Edit HTML Version", and add Description field.
      But, it cannot be show just the first 2 lines, because every email client and characters have different width. So, what you can do, you can cut let's sayf first 200 characters. Create new text formula field with LEFT() function.

  2. Hi Johan,

    Could you please help me in knowing what an API user is? What is the process to provide read only access to API user? Is API user with read only acces similar to a user account with read access?

    Thanks in advance!!


    1. Monica, I think your question regarding API user do not related to this blog post. But, let me give you quick answer on this:
      "Api Only User" is a setting in Profile, this will block user to login to, but allow user to login via API (which is via code or 3rd party app).

      Is API user with read only access similar to a user account with read access? -- Yes, user will only able to read Salesforce data via API code.

  3. Thank you very much Johan!! Am clear now :) Kudos!!



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