Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Salesforce Pre-Release Registration

In every quarterly Salesforce release, 1-2 month before new release in selected sandbox instance, Salesforce will give chance to users to try Pre-release environment. User can signup from a form given, watch chatter group in Success - Release Readiness in Success Community. For Spring '14 release, here is the signup form.

The small issue here, it ask for email, but no username, as we aware that we can have different username and email address in normal Salesforce login. When you register with your existing email address, it will say "an account with this email address is already in use."

The simple solution is to create new email address in or, but for many people (including me), it will be a bit troublesome to write that email address to remember it, although you can use tool like Evernote to remember it.

In Gmail, all characters anything after and including the "+" sign will be ignored.
Example - these are all the same:

All samples above will reach email (note this is just a sample, not my real email address).

So, we can make use of this for to register for Salesforce Pre-release, so register with will allow you to register without creating new email address :) 

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