Monday, March 3, 2014

Salesforce: List View not visible in Change Set

When you have many List View available to all users or certain group of users, you can deploy the List View using Change Set. List View deployed will include Name, Filter Criteria, Fields and Visibility. This is good after user tested and sign-off in a sandbox.

Of course you can create the List View manually, but it is prone with human error, some items may not properly re-create.

Some of you may experience when try to add a List View into Change Set Component, but you do not see that List View. Why???

Scenario below may cause the list view is not visible:

1. Check the Filter Criteria of that List View. Confirm that List View is not filtered by a Queue. Even you can deploy Queues as component, but any object referencing a Queue cannot be moved through Packaging or Change Sets.

2. Check the Visibility of the List View. Confirm it is either Visible to all users (Includes partner and customer portal users) or Visible to certain groups of users. List View Visible only to me will be not visible in Outbound Change Set component.

ReferenceSalesforce Change Set

Last update: 24 Jun 2016

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