Sunday, May 11, 2014

DupeCatcher for clean Salesforce data without duplication

Clean data is one of the most important aspects to have your Salesforce CRM working perfectly, this is included data quality and no duplication. For data quality, you can set required field, mandatory field in page layout, validation rule until apex trigger code. However, to prevent duplication, it will be troublesome to build your own code/configuration.

There are many tools available in AppExchange to prevent data duplication in Salesforce, whether created by Salesforce lab or external party, some of them are free or paid.

In this blog, I would like to introduce DupeCatcher. DupeCatcher is a real time duplicate lead, contact and account blocker. It can provide duplicate warning records and associate tasks with them. It is a product by Symphonic Source, which is also creator of a popular data deduplication tool called Cloudingo.

 A few items I would like to note for DupeCatcher:
  • It is FREE!!!
  • It is Native (runs on the Salesforce platform, ensuring availability, performance, and data security)
  • It is a No Limit app (do not count against the limits of your Salesforce organization)
  • It is simple, you just need a few clicks to setup
  • It works for Lead, Account and Contact
  • It works for real time data entry, but does NOT deduplicate on mass import and deduplicate records already in Salesforce
  • It is NOT case-sensitive. 
Once you have install DupeCatcher from AppExchange, you will find a new app in your Salesforce.

Step-by-Step to configure this app:
  1. Click DupeCatcher app as in screenshot above
  2. Click DupeCatcher Filters tab
  3. Click New button
  4. Enter Filter Name; select an object; select if action only insert, or update or both; enter error message; and few more options.
  5. You can hover your mouse over yellow question mark icon for help text
  6. Click Save button
  7. Scroll down to DupeCatcher Filter Rules filter to create matching rules, you can have up to 12 rules. If you have more than 1 rule, the relation between each rules are always AND. If you need to have OR relation, you need create new DupeCather Filter for each scenarios.
When you choose Action = Do Not Insert or Do Not Update, this option will block user not able to save data when duplicate data detected based on active Filters.

If you select Action = Report Duplicate, this option will not block user when user enter duplicate data, but it will create alerts. You can notice in  Filter Metrics section, how many duplicate records (see Potential Duplicate Count) in how many set of data (see Duplicate Alert Count, data will be shown in DupeCatcher Duplicate Alerts related list).

You can click Alert record to see Potential Duplicate data:

For more information, go to DupeCatcher website, see this FAQ and watch this video in Youtube.

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