Saturday, September 20, 2014

How to modify Recent items in Salesforce1 ?

If you aware in Salesforce1 mobile app (as of version 6.0.2), recent items will show the record name and one more field.

For example Contact, as in screenshot above in red box display Contact name and Account name as the second line. The blue box is some of the list views available for the user.

If you need to show other field in second line, in this example is Account name to Title, how to modify it?

1. After you login to, go to Setup - Customize - Contacts - Search Layouts - Search Results

2. Click Edit link

3. Top 2 selected fields will be show in Salesforce1 mobile app

4. Add new field selected or change the field order

5. Refresh in Salesforce1

  1. The change in Search Result will effect to ALL users including search in Salesforce website 
  2. If you are using one/ emulator to test (example:, it will just show first line, which is record name
  3. If you are using Google extension Salesforce1 Demo to show particular record, it will just show first line only, so the best still to test it in the real mobile app.

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