Monday, September 15, 2014

Salesforce: Enhanced Folder Sharing for Reports and Dashboards

Enhanced Folder Sharing for Reports and Dashboards introduce on Summer '13 release, organization created after the Summer ’13 release will have this feature turn on default. But, if your organization existed before the Summer ’13 release, follow these steps to make folder sharing available to your users.

Enhanced Folder Sharing grants fine-grained access to reports and dashboard folders and offers the following benefits:
    Makes sharing concepts more consistent with User,Role or Group Sharing
    Allows sharing with individual users
    Fine grained access level for each folder share (View, Edit, Manage)
    Symmetric set of profile permissions for both reports and dashboards.

Enhanced Folder Sharing offers 3 access levels for Report and dashboards folders
    View a folder in the folder tree
    View all contents
    Run Report, Refresh Dashboard

    Everything from Viewer access plus…
    Edit all contents of a folder
    Add contents to folder
    Delete contents from folder

    Everything from Editor access plus…
    Edit folder name
    Edit/delete/remove shares

Enhanced folder sharing offers 5 symmetric profile permissions for reports and dashboards:
    Manage Reports in Public Folders, Manage Dashboards in Public Folders
    View Reports in Public Folders, View Dashboards in Public Folders
    Create Report Folders, Create Dashboard Folders
    Edit My Reports, Edit My Dashboards
    Create and Customize Reports, Create and Customize Dashboards

For more detail of each permissions, please refer to User Permissions for Sharing Reports and Dashboards

For org created before Summer '13, when you enable Folder Sharing:
  • All users in the organization by default get Viewer access to report and dashboard folders that are shared with them.
  • The enhanced folder sharing does not have any impact on My Personal Custom Reports and My Personal Dashboards.
  • For the reports in Unfiled Public Reports, user will be able to create new reports and edit any reports that they created.
  • User will be able to edit any reports that user created.
  • User will only be able to edit other people’s reports if they have Editor or Manager access to the folder.

If you had this permission in ‘old’ sharing
You will get this permission in enhanced folder sharing
Manage Public Reports AND View All Data
Manage Reports In Public Folders
View All Data
View Reports In Public Folders AND View Dashboards In Public Folders
Manage Public Reports
Create Report Folder AND Edit My Reports
Create and Customize Reports
Create and Customize Reports
Manage Dashboards AND View All Data
Manage Dashboards In Public Folders AND Create Dashboard Folders
Manage Dashboards
Edit My Dashboards AND Create and Customize Dashboards

  • If you see mapping above, Manage Public Reports is translate into Create Report Folder AND Edit My Reports, so Edit My Reports permission is not so simple just to edit report you created, but it will allowed user to edit any reports in any folder user have access as Viewer.
  • All user able to create and Save or Save As report into Unfiled Public Reports
  • User able to edit report created by that user, even user only have Viewer access to the report.


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