Thursday, December 25, 2014

Salesforce: Subscribe Report in Classic

Coming to Spring '15, Salesforce introduce ability for user to Subscribe for reports they care about most. This is not the same with Schedule report for future run, which enables you to email reports at specified times (without specifying conditions).

But here, you subscribe to reports and receive notifications daily, if conditions that you specify are met. You do not need additional permission to subscribe report, but your admin able to disable this feature for the whole organization.

To subscribe to a report, user define set of conditions to trigger:
  • When: every time conditions are met OR only the first time
  • Conditions: aggregate of field in the report, which is record count or a summarize field, then define the operator and value
  • Schedule frequency: weekday, daily, weekly and time
  • Actions:
    • Salesforce1 Notification
    • Post to Chatter Feed, 
    • Email Notification
    • Execute a Custom Action
Use Case: user would like to get notification to Salesforce1, email, and also Chatter feed once Closed Won opportunity for the month has reach $50,000

1. Create Report
Make sure the report has the right filter, right Close Date time frame and Amount field summarize.

2. Subscribe 
Click Subscribe button,enter the condition, frequency, actions and activate it.

3. Test and Save
Rather than wait until the time it trigger, you can test it straight away by click "Save & Run Now" button. So here is the result:

Salesforce1 Notification
Open your Salesforce1 mobile app, look for the notification icon, notice a new alert from report you subscribed.

If you click the notification, it will bring you to the report.

Chatter Feed
If you select Post to Chatter Feed, the same alert will go to your Chatter feed as well, click the link to open the report in your Salesforce1 mobile app or from web browser.

Email Notification

For Custom Action, notifications can trigger a custom Apex class. The custom Apex class must implement the NotificationAction interface. 

This feature will be available by default for all user able to run the report, but system admin able to turn off this feature for the whole organization wide, navigate to Setup | Customize | Reports & Dashboards | Report Notifications

To monitor users subscribe for report notification, admin can navigate to Setup | Jobs | Scheduled Jobs, look for Type = "Reporting Notification"

  • Up to five conditions per report
  • One user can subscribe to notifications for up to five reports


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