Sunday, December 21, 2014

Adding Quota in Collaborative Forecast

This would be another blog on Collaborative Forecast, see adding Opportunity Split and Configuring Collaborative Forecast blog earlier.

What is Quota?
  • Revenue target or sales goal within a time frame
  • To keep track of performance against plan
  • Keeps revenue goals in sight
  • Can be expressed as dollar amounts, units or product or both.
Back to Universal Container scenario, each sales rep should have quota they have to achieve as part of their performance. Here is the role hierarchy:

Each user have their own quota, include Sales Manager and Country Manager.
Each user also owned opportunity, the opportunity number of Sales Rep will roll-up to their Sales Manager, and Sales Manager number will roll-up to the Country Manager. So, all number will roll-up to the user in top hierarchy.

1. Enable Quota
Navigate to Setup | Customize | Forecasts | Settings, enable Show Quotas and click Save button.

2. Set User Quota
Until Winter '15 release, there are no manual to load or set quota to user manually from Salesforce website, You have two option:
  1. Use Data Loader to load quota to all users, see the details and step-by-step here Load Quota Data for Forecasts
  2. Install an app from AppExchange called Edit Quotas, this is a free app developed by Salesforce Labs, although it is an app salesforce from salesforce labs, but it still consider as external app, meaning no support from Salesforce support.
You need to select a Forecast Type for each quota (if you have more than 1 forecast type). 
The data loaded in Salesforce to Forecasting Quota object, you can use any API to check and confirm it loaded successfully.

3. Forecasts with Quota
Now, it's time to confirm if it works. Click Forecasts tab, you should see a new column Quota at the left before all 4 columns for Forecast Category value.

When you click the period, as user in top role hierarchy, you will see all opportunity number will roll-up to the Forecast Category included opportunity owned by the user itself, it showed as "My Opportunities" after all direct user in the Period. 

Each user will have their own quota and it is not related to the quota owned by other user in the role hierarchy.

Notice at the top right area, you will see new link Display Options, you can enable to show Quota % Attainment.

Once you select Show Quota % Attainment, it will show percentage of amount for each user compare to the quota for each Forecast Category.

When you drill down to your sub-ordinate, it will show the same thing for people under that sub-ordinate.


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