Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Salesforce Community and User Group

This blog is dedicated to all Salesforce admins and Salesforce business owners.

After a successful Salesforce roll-out in your organization, you need to make sure the system is used by all users regularly to support the business, but as our business is changed over time, the same need to reflect in Salesforce, from the simple things like: adding new value to a picklist, add a custom field, create new reports, and keep going to more advance stuff like custom report type, record type, workflow and automation and et cetera....

How to get help? One of the easiest if your company have budget is to outsource to a consulting company. But, if no budget then how? Would you like to advance your Salesforce skill set and your career from a user, to admin and be a solution architect?

One of the best place to learn and advance your career is Salesforce Community. If you ever come to Success Community and post question in Answers, you may come across have Jeff May, Steve Molis, Deepak Anand answer your question in minutes after you post your question. I myself have answered for more than 7200 question in Answers over years. Why?

Even you know everything about Salesforce implemented in your organization, you remember all the picklist values in Account, Contact and Opportunities, but when come to changes or enhancements out of your existing configuration, are you able to give and configure the best solution? Remember that your organization may just use 20-30% of Salesforce capabilities, another 70-80% is for you to explore, learn and use it for free since you have paid Salesforce licences.

Salesforce community is about helping each other, when you post a question, you get your question answered for free within minutes, which is cool! When you answer someone question, you actually learn something and empowered for yourself, which you may use it someday when your company needed.

The pinnacle of your involvement with community, Salesforce may recognize you as MVP, where it is an acknowledgement of your commitment to collaborate, cooperate and evangelism of Salesforce platform to ALL users, so it is not an entitlement. After a long journey with Community and Salesforce platform, I was selected be one the MVP last year.

If you are located in Singapore, come to our quarterly User Group meetup, register yourself to our Community - If you are not in Singapore, look for Salesforce user group in your area -

With the spirit of Chinese New Year, I would like to wish everyone healthy and prosperity, spend your precious moments with your love ones in this new year!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!! Fu Xing Gao Zhao - "lucky star shining in the ascendant".

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