Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Salesforce: Library Subscriptions

In previous blog, we discussed how easy to subscribe contents we are interested in. We can subscribe content: Library, Content Pack, File, Author, and Tag.

In user detail, we can set to get the notification immediately after content change, or just once a day as daily digest.

But, over the time, we may subscribe to too many content and you would like to unsubscribe some of them since it no longer relevant.

To easily see all Contents you subscribe to, just click Subscriptions tab, if you do not see this tab, click + tab to show all tabs available for you and look for Subscriptions, if you still do not see it there, consult your Salesforce system administrator.

In this tab, it will list all Contents you subscribe to:
  • Content - show all File and Content Pack you subscribed
  • Tags - show all Tags you subscribed
  • Authors - show all Authors you subscribed
  • Libraries - show all Libraries you subscribed

In this page, you also able to unsubscribe the content subscribed by click the orange icon before Content title.

Reference: Salesforce Subscribe Library

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