Friday, April 24, 2015

Salesforce: Change Forecast Type and the Effects

This blog is based on Collaborative Forecast in Salesforce.

There are 5 Forecast Category in Opportunity, where you cannot add or remove the category, but you can re-label the values. Out of the box, here is the Forecast Type and Status Category:
Forecast Type Status Category
  • Omitted -> Omitted
  • Pipeline -> Pipeline
  • Best Case -> Best Case
  • Commit -> Commit
  • Closed -> Closed

You can change Forecast Type label to:
  • Omitted -> Omitted
  • Pipeline -> Pipeline
  • ABC -> Best Case
  • XYZ -> Commit
  • Won -> Closed

Notice that Status Category cannot be modified, even you change the Forecast Type from Best Case to ABC, the category still ‘Best Case’ at the back end, same for XYZ.

There are 3 values for Opportunity Stage Type, it is also not modify-able or add new values:
  • Open             -> available status category: Omitted, Pipeline, Best Case, Commit
  • Closed/Won    -> available status category: Omitted, Closed
  • Closed/Lost     -> available status category: Omitted
Above mapping is not customize-able, vote here!

Relation with Forecast, forecast will always show 4 forecast type (as above values, except Omitted)

Relation with report, report with report type = Opportunity will have additional filters:
  • Opportunity Status = Any, Open, Closed, Closed Won (this is not modified able vote here)
  • Probability

If we have correct mapping of Stage Name versus Type, it will not cause any issues for Opportunity Status report option.

When adding ‘Forecast Category’ as report filter, we will have option: Omitted, Pipeline, ABC, XYZ, Won – so if we use Pipeline, this should be filter only to Open opportunities if we have correct mapping of Stage Name versus Forecast Category.

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