Friday, July 3, 2015

Salesforce: Edit Chatter Post

Summer '15 release allow user to edit Chatter Post, this is enabled by default for all organizations. But, as admin you can deactivate it from Setup - Customize - Chatter - Settings - Allow users to edit posts and comments.

When above is enable, additional permissions will be added in the Profile:
- Edit My Own Post (enable by default for standard profile)
- Edit Posts on Records I Own
  * this include ability to edit Post in Chatter group where user is the Manager or Owner group

Both permission is not enable by default for custom profile, as admin you need to enable them in Profile or Permission Set if needed.

Administrator and Users with the Modify All Data permission can always edit all Posts.
Chatter Free, Chatter External and Customer Portal users do not have this permission.

But, this edit capability only for Post, not for Link, File or others.

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