Sunday, September 27, 2015

Dreamforce '15 Experience Through My Lens

Dreamforce 15 has been over, a week with thousands of sessions, hands-on training, keynote, networking, cloud expo, and parties went fast. But what dreamforce mean for me? It's a great experience, great atmosphere, great energy, it's like you are a fan of a rock band, and you fly over 20 hours to watch their show, when it finish, you feel re-charge full of energy and you know you will back next year.

The experience and atmosphere is always great, once you landed in San Francisco International airport. Not only of the nice weather in the bay area, start from the immigration officer who asked if you are coming for Dreamforce? Your Uber taxi driver asked the same question. The city of San Francisco decorate with Salesforce blue color, from advertisement board, rickshaw, and people walking around city with blue lanyard and common backpack.

Instead of typing Dreamforce experience in words, people say that pictures say thousands of words. So, let's begin:

It is HUGE
  • 170,000 attendees
  • 78 countries
  • 1,600 sessions
  • 400 partners expo
  • Over 1,000,000 books donated


with awesome @crmsalesgem

thanks @hollygoldin for MVP program at #DF15

with the wizard @kwongerific

the Trailhead Developer Advocate @jeffdonthemic


Stevie Wonder open the keynote

the future of customer success keynote by @benioff

Sales Cloud keynote

Sales Cloud lucky winner

Admin keynote

Heart & Soul of Salesforce @ admin keynote


UBER CEO - very inspirational gentleman

Satya Nadella - partnership with Microsoft

Products / Features

IoT cloud


Lightning Experience UI

Admin Zone

Dept. of #AwesomeAdmin


Staffing Admin Booth

Trailhead & Hack HQ

Learn Salesforce with Trailhead

Complete the Hack for Swag

Cloud Expo

@SamAchuff in action


Gary Clark Jr, The Killers, Foo Fighters


Enjoying keynote from Dreampark


My book for 20% off


Salesforce MVP

Reserved Seat for Keynotes

Dreamboat party

Thank You !


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