Monday, October 12, 2015

Salesforce: Notes (enhanced version)

The enhanced Notes tool (new Notes) is generally available in Winter ’16. But, this new notes will not auto enabled in your org as part of Winter ’16, your admin need to enable it from SetupCustomize | NotesNotes Settings.

Once enabled, admin need to add Notes related list in all page layouts needed. Before activate the new Notes, note is combined with Attachment in the page related list.

After new Noted enabled, notice the "New Note" button disappear from Notes & Attachments related list.

Once new Notes enabled, admin need to add Notes related list to page layout, this is new related list which not exist before you enable the new Notes.

If user need create note after enable the new Notes, they need to click New Note button in Notes related list, note will be stored in the new Notes related list, while existing note will stay in Notes & Attachments related list.

One of the advantage of the new note that it support rich text formatting:

this is the old note

this is the new note

Here a benefits of new the notes:
  • Support rich text formatting, including bulleted and numbered lists.
  • With new Notes users can take notes for Cases, Tasks, and Events. 
  • New Notes support Quick Actions for Chatter Feed, as well as Actions for Salesforce1 mobile app.
  • In Lightning Experience environment, Notes will be auto save.
  • Create a report on your notes
  • The new note is content search-able (stored as Files), once you save the note, give a few minutes for Salesforce to index it before appear in search result.

Here comparison table between old and new note:

Print Notes
As the new Notes is stored as Files, you can create report with report type File and Content and filter with File Type equals SNOTE.

Tips: if you do not see any notes when run the report, you need to remove few columns added by default, such as: Downloaded By, Download Date, and etc.


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