Friday, March 4, 2016

Salesforce: Opportunity Team Report

Previous blog discussed about reports related to Account Team, this blog is the continuation discussed on Opportunity Team.

If your company practice team selling, you can enable Opportunity Team in Salesforce from Setup | Customize | OpportunitiesOpportunity TeamsOpportunity Team Settings, then select Enable Team Selling.

When running an opportunities report, you have several choices in the standard filter area that allow you to choose what types of records should be searched. Once Opportunity Team Selling feature enabled, you will have additional options when running Opportunity report.

This is options available before enable Team Selling

This is options available after enable Team Selling

The list below identifies what each choice means and how it affects the scope of your report data:

My opportunities:
ONLY the opportunities you OWNED.

My team-selling opportunities:
ONLY the opportunities where you are on the SALES TEAM.

My team-selling and my own opportunities:
Opportunities OWNED by you & opportunities where you are on the SALES TEAM.

My team's opportunities:
Opportunities OWNED by you & users who report to you in the role hierarchy.

My team's team-selling and their opportunities:
Opportunities OWNED by youusers that report to you in the role hierarchy, ALSO opportunities where you & users who report to you in the role hierarchy are on the SALES TEAM.

All opportunities:
ALL opportunities visible by the user who run the report.

Note: When Opportunity Split enabled, opportunity owner will be automatically added into Opportunity Team with role = Opportunity Owner, read this blog.

ReferenceOpportunity Reports: Opportunity Team Selling


  1. Hi Johan,

    I have created two reports using standard "opportunity with teams"and "opportunities with teams(custom)" report types.Now there is difference in records between two reports.I have view all data on opportunities.

    Could you help me to resolve this issue?

    1. without see how it is created, don't think anyone able to help, I think you post to answer community

  2. With Opportunity teams enabled, how can I view my team's activity (task & events) ?

    1. Use Tasks and Events report, then filter by "My team's activities"


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