Thursday, June 9, 2016

Salesforce System Status Alert with IFTTT

Salesforce Trust is the main area to monitor if any issues happened with your Salesforce org, but you need to know what is your Salesforce instance, for production instance, it start with NAxx, EUxx, and APxx, while CSxx for sandbox instances.

It is a good idea to have central place to monitor all instances, or your specific instances. For this blog I'll use sample instance NA17. We'll not always keep monitor that website -, but I expect that Salesforce Trust will email me directly if any post related to my instance.

Solution: because Salesforce Trust also publish RSS feed, we can use this and combine with to trigger send email. The same result can be achieved using other tools support rss feed to email such as:, but for this blog, we'll just use

RSS Feed for NA17 =
  1. Login or Signup to
  2. Create a Recipe
  3. Select if "Feed"
  4. Enter NA17 Feed URL:
  5. Select then "Email"
  6. Leave the Subject and Body as default
  7. Done and you have your recipe running.

If any post related to NA17, IFTTT will send you email, see sample below:

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