Thursday, May 26, 2016

Salesforce: Multi-Person Calendar Event (User as invitee)

In previous blog Multi-Person Calendar Event (Contact / Lead as invitee), we discussed about adding contact or lead as invitee, we also discussed the structure at the backend and how we can use API to add contact or lead as invitee.

But, when the invitee is a user, the structure will be a little different, although the objects used is the same.

1. Event object
Instead of create only 1 event record as add contact/lead as invitee, invite user will create multiple event record based on number of invitee + sender. In this scenario, we are going to invite 2 users and 1 contact.

Sample query: Select Id, Subject, OwnerId, GroupEventType, IsChild, WhatId, WhoId, CreatedDate, ActivityDate, ActivityDateTime, StartDateTime, EndDateTime, EventSubtype, IsReminderSet, Type, WhatCount, WhoCount FROM Event WHERE Subject = 'Test with User'

This will create 3 events with same subject, one event for each User, but only 1 with IsChild = False, which is "parent" event. Also notice that each record have different Owner Id, and all events with GroupEventType = 1, remember that we cannot populate / update GroupEventType manually.

2. EventRelation object
Sample query: SELECT Id,EventId,RelationId,IsParent,IsWhat,IsInvitee,Status,CreatedDate FROM EventRelation WHERE EventId IN ('00U63000001T8Y9EAK','00U63000001T8YAEA0','00U63000001T8YBEA0')

Notice that records created in this object is relate to: 1 opportunity, 1 contact and 2 users, but all linked to the same event, which is parent event where IsChild = False.

3. EventWhoRelation object
Same with EventRelation object, only 1 record created as we only have 1 contact relate to the event, and it is linked to the parent Event (IsChild = False)

Sample query: SELECT Id, EventId, RelationId, Type, CreatedDate FROM EventWhoRelation WHERE EventId IN ('00U63000001T8Y9EAK','00U63000001T8YAEA0','00U63000001T8YBEA0')

How to auto add User as Invitee Event with API?

You just need to insert record(s) to EventRelation object, 1 record for 1 contact / lead. Here are fields you need to populate:
1. EventId = Event Id
2. RelationId = User Id
3. IsParent = False
4. IsWhat    = False
5. IsInvitee = True
6. Status   = New

This is similar with add Contact / Lead as invitee, the difference is: Salesforce will auto create event record for the user as child record, if the parent record initially is not for multi-person, GroupEventType will change from 0 to 1.

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