Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Salesforce: Customizable Campaign Influence Model

Prior Winter '17 release, when you have multiple Campaigns associated to the Opportunity, the Primary Campaign gets 100% of the Influence credit and any other Campaigns get 0%.

This was frustrating for a multitude of reasons, but with Winter 17 this is an issue of the past. The new model provides flexible revenue attribution across multiple campaigns. Rather than just 100% of the credit given to the primary campaign on an opportunity, you can now do a first-touch, or last-touch attribution, or anything else in between.

For example you could give 50% credit to the last-touch, 25% attribution to the campaign prior to the last and 25% attribution to the first-touch. Or create a model that would evenly distribute credit for an opportunity across all campaigns that the lead touched, or set up a model that distributes 100% of the credit to the last campaign the lead touched.

Only thing you need to really worry about here is what to do with all your historic Opportunities. You can do a clean-up to get them into the new model or just start with this on new Campaigns only. This great new feature works in Classic as well as Lightning.

Prior Winter '17 Campaign Influence
  • Campaign added in Campaign Influence related list in Opportunity and marked as Primary Campaign Source will be shown in Opportunity related list in Campaign. The campaign will be auto populate as Primary Campaign Source field in Opportunity.
  • There is only one Primary Campaign Source for one Opportunity.

Enable Campaign Influence in Winter 17
Setup | Customize | Campaigns | Campaign Influence | Campaign Influence Settings

1. Admin
  • Assign yourself with "CRM User" Permission Set License
  • Create a Permission Set e.g. name it as "Campaign Influence", add  "Campaign Influence" permission to the permission set, and assign it to yourself

2. New standard objects added to the org.
  • CampaignInfluence
  • CampaignInfluenceModel

3. Campaign page layout
  • Existing Opportunities related list will be disappeared
  • Add new related list called "Influenced Opportunities"
  • If you select "Salesforce Model" as Campaign Influence Model, existing Opportunities in Campaigns related list will stay, otherwise it will be removed.

4. Opportunity page layout
  • Existing Campaign Influence related list will be disappeared
  • Add new related list called "Campaign Influence" (different logo - old with opportunity logo, new with campaign logo)
  • If you select "Salesforce Model" as Campaign Influence Model, existing Campaigns in Opportunities related list will stay, otherwise it will removed. While Primary Campaign Source value in Opportunity field will be always stay.

Campaign Influence Model 
When you enable this new Campaign Influence, by default Salesforce will provide a model called "Salesforce Model", this model will server as Primary model and Locked - campaign influence records for a locked model can only be added or edited via workflows and the API. Your users can’t add records manually in Salesforce.

You can add new model suit to your business requirements. If you set up more than one influence model, designate one of them as the primary model. The primary model’s records appear in the Campaign Influence related list on opportunities and the Influenced Opportunities related list on Campaigns.


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