Saturday, November 18, 2017

Enable Record Type with Permission Set

Back to the basic series - permission set for the record type access.

I had a discussion with a user group member, which is subject matter expert (Salesforce biz owner) in his company. He is using Record Type to differentiate Account Type, where the different type of Account has the different layout. This is a good usage of the record type. But, he also complains his workload because of a special record type that only able create by him as the biz owner, salespeople are not allowed to create this special type of Account, but only able to see.

He would like to give the ability to a sales support user ability to create that special Account type, let's call it "Not-normal" for this blog. But, he also not able to make that sales support user have the same Profile as him.

Solution: use Permission Set
Create a new permission set and assign it to that Sales support.
When you are in the Permission Set, select Object Settings, for the object (in this case is Accounts), you will see Account: Record Type Assignments and enable Not-normal record type.

Then assign the permission set to that sales support user, I'll not discuss how to assign the permission set in this blog, but you just need to click "Manage Assignments" button.

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