Monday, December 3, 2018

Salesforce: Opportunity Trends Report Type

We discussed a few objects related to Opportunity in detail in the previous blog, from:
- OpportunityFeed
- OpportunityFieldHistory
- OpportunityHistory
- Opportunity__hd

Also, a few report types related to Opportunity:
- Opportunity Field History
- Opportunity History
- Opportunities with Historical Trending

There is one more report type we have not discussed so far Opportunity Trends report type. The good thing about this report type is, it is enabled by default, however, you can't really customize a lot.

Opportunity Trends report takes a Snapshot "As of" the 1st of the month each passing month. These snapshots cannot look forward and the snapshot date and frequency can't be changed. If an opportunity created on 20 Nov 2018, the first snapshot for would be on 1 Dec 2018.

This report type will have information on:
- Historical Amount
- Historical Stage
- Historical Close Date
- Historical Probability
- As of Date

sample report

I do not see any object that stored this data, but let me know if you found it.



  1. Hi,
    Thanks for writing this blog. I am trying to create an opportunity trending report which can show how my opportunities closed won are looking as of today compared to last 2 years. The help documents do not talk about lightning reports and it is hard to generate a report. Can you share some insight on what steps do we need to create to make a historic trending report?

    1. Buyan, historical trending report only back to 3 months, check out this article


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