Monday, December 10, 2018

Einstein Analytics: Add and Append in Recipe

When you create a new recipe in Einstein Analytics, there is 2 main data manipulation: Add Data and Append Data, some of us may confuse and mix up between them, including me.

Recipe in general
- Produce a new dataset (re-run the recipe with overwrite dataset created)
- Cannot overwrite source dataset

Add Data
Imagine that Add data is similar to VLOOKUP() in Microsoft Excel:
- Additional columns
- No change in the number of rows

you need matching key in each dataset, and fields to add

this recipe will produce a new dataset with additional columns from lookup result 

Append Data
This will add more rows in the new dataset, example: dataset A has 10 rows and dataset B has 8 rows, the result would be 18 rows in total.
If dataset A and B have different fields, the missing fields will be null in result dataset.

mapping fields between source dataset

the recipe will say how many rows to be added

the result after recipe run, appended dataset do not have "Kota"

- Green icon means the recipe has been Pushed
- Yellow icon means the recipe is Saved, but has not been pushed

 ReferenceEinstein Analytics: Add Data Recipe

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